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FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING on orders $50 or more! Production time is 5-7 business days.

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Shipping & Returns

Production time, the time after placing your order before we ship your handmade beaded collar,  is about 5-7 days. This time may increase during peak seasons, holidays, or sales. Once your pets beaded collar is ready to ship we will email you a Shipping Confirmation email with tracking information.

Ultimutt Bestie beaded pet necklaces are custom and made-to-order based off of your pets unique measurements and personalization. We handcraft every beaded dog collar, so please anticipate for a production time of 5-7 days (this time may increase during peak seasons, holidays, and sales).

We now offer international shipping! It is important for customers to understand and comply with their country's import and duty obligations. In countries such as the UK, customers will be requested to make payment for additional duties and taxes as per their country's import policies before the shipment can be delivered.

Our products are made-to-order based on your pet’s size and personalization, therefore all sales are final. Please be sure to properly measure your pet (see our Size Guide for instructions) and if you have any questions use our Contact form above or email us at prior to purchase.

If you have already purchased a collar and measured incorrectly or your bestie has out grown their collar, we do offer the option to send collars back to us to be restrung at the correct size. Just purchase the Collar Restringing Fee and we will fix the collar!

If there are any manufacturing errors or problems with your order reach out to us ASAP. For more information on returns visit our Shipping & Return Policy page.

Don't fret about the size! Return the unworn t-shirt or hoodie for store credit hassle-free.

The t-shirt tends to run a little on the small side. Consider sizing up if you are in between sizes or prefer a more oversized fit. The hoodies are true to size!


Inspired by friendship bracelets, these bubblegum bead necklaces are made to be unique and durable. They are strung with aircraft cable and double crimped, so they are meant to last. They come in a variety of colors and closures, and can be personalized with your pet’s name or a phrase. For more information and descriptions on our closures and collar styles check out our Product Info page!

Us! We are a mother/daughter duo, we hand string and design all our beaded dog necklaces in our home workshop. We even make the Biothane closures, thanks to the handy work of Frank (husband/father)!

Ultimutt Bestie collars are made to be durable and comfortable. It may be best to remove collars when playing, crated, or unsupervised which is also recommended for any flat collar (fabric, leather, etc.). Please measure your pet according to our Size Guide, for a proper fit.  

Tags can be attached on O- or D-rings. Our stylish beaded pearl collars are built tough with a strong 480 lb vinyl coated steel wire, perfect for well-mannered leash walkers. However, since they're slip-on collars, escape artists might wiggle free. For added security during walks, consider upgrading to our martingale, adjustable, or side-release buckle with Biothane options for a snugger fit. These add-ons are available on our website for any collar! For more information see our Product Info page.

Yes, depending on the closure style you choose. The martingale, BioThane side-release, and adjustable collars are good options for walking collars. The slip-on style is strong, but due to the slip-on nature of the collar, we don’t suggest using it as a walking collar since your dog could slip out. As with all collars, if your dog is a puller we recommend using a harness. For more information on the collar styles we offer, view the Product Info page. 

Ultimutt Bestie beaded dog collars are tightly strung to avoid snagging your pet’s hair. Please measure your pet according to our Size Guide, to make sure you receive a proper fit. The round beads glide easily on your pets neck which prevents hot spots from occurring around your dogs neck and also provides a soothing massage.

Our beaded collar necklaces are designed with a comfortable fit that gently massages your pet's neck with each bead. They're perfect for pets with sensitive skin, as the lightweight, smooth beads provide a friction-free experience that won't irritate like traditional fabric collars.

Safety first: While beaded collars add a touch of style, their primary function is to keep your dog safe and identifiable. A collar with ID tags is essential for a responsible pet owner, and a well-made beaded collar can fulfill this role beautifully.

If you add personalization, acrylic letters rest comfortably on your pet's neck and won't budge thanks to the clasp weight. Simply place the collar with the name facing their tail (readable left to right). While walking, it'll naturally spin to the front for easy reading. Additionally, our collars complement harnesses perfectly as stylish dog jewelry.

Beyond their stylish flair, our beaded necklaces are designed for practicality too! Made to resist odor and color bleeding, they stay fresh and won't stain your pup's fur. The tight stringing prevents tangles in fur and avoids irritating sensitive skin, unlike fabric or leather. The smooth beads gently massage your pet's neck with movement, making them a comfortable and fashionable choice!

Yes! We have done meticulous testing to make the most durable collars we can! Medium/large beaded dog collars are made with 480 lbs coated aircraft grade cable and have been assembly tested to withstand a force of over 400 lbs with O-ring. Our beaded dog collars for small breeds use 250 lbs coated aircraft grade cable and can withstand forces of over 200 lbs with O-ring. These pearly pet necklaces aren’t going anywhere!

*Note: Dogs that are hard pullers are capable of pulling 3-4x their weight.

Yes, they are waterproof. As opposed to fabric collars, these do not absorb water or stay wet for long, and they can be dried easily with a microfiber towel. We recommend removing the beaded collar before swimming as the crimps could corrode.

Topical flea and tick medicine will interact with bead coatings. If your pet uses topical flea and tick medicine, we recommend taking the collar off and leaving it off until the product is completely dry.

Some beads may fade or lose their shine over time with regular wear. Printed beads can fade over time. Pearl, miracle, and acrylic beads may lose their shine, but not the color underneath. This isn’t typically an issue, but good to keep in mind.  

Beaded dog necklaces with resin, imitation gemstone, solid acrylic, jelly acrylic, and wood beads are the great options everyday wear.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us!

Don’t see exactly what you want? That’s perfectly okay! Share your vision with us, and we will materialize it! Upon purchasing a Custom Bead Dog Collar, and tell us the colors, beads, or theme you want and we will send you a picture of the samples we come up with. Then review, edit, and finalize the design! This way you get the exact beaded dog necklace that fits your besties style!

No! Ultimutt Bestie beaded pet collars are made with waterproof materials which makes them easy to clean with mild soap and water. Even the biothane (a vegan leather alturnitive) can be washed.

All you have to do is wash with a mild soap and warm water, dirt and debris should come right off! Dry your besties pearl necklace and it should look as good as new!

BioThane is a Vegan leather alternative. It is waterproof, durable, stink-proof, and easy to clean!

These collars are tightly strung, so hair shouldn’t get tangled in the collar nor should they cause hotspots. We have had several longer-haired dogs sporting our collars, they typically opt for sizing up and/or the buckle closure. That being said, these collars are best-suited for short-haired dogs. 

Absolutely! Tags can go right on the O-ring. Buckles with Biothane and adjustable collars have D-rings for tags and/or a leash. The 2 side rings on the martingale are perfect for tags. The side-release buckle without biothane is the only collar that does not have a designated ring for tags. 

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